For a better understanding : what are sustainable strategies ?

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For a better understanding : what are sustainable strategies ?

Post by camille_girard on Mon Mar 22, 2010 5:03 pm

Many strategies are available for companies which want to be more sustainable.
Companies can act on 5 main stages of the life cycle to be more sustainable:

Now, let’s see on which stage our 5 companies were acted:

Nike: they reinvented the design process and switched for more sustainable components and gained production efficiencies.
 Raw materials (use of more sustainable material)
 Product manufacture (cut energy use by 37%)
 End-of-life (reduce waste by 67%)

General Electric: They built an ecomagination initiative which engaging their employees to see where energy saving could they do.
 Manufacturing ( installing LED lights in a factory floor : less energy consumption, recycling water and power generation units) : cut its green house gaz intensity

Rio Tinto : They developed policies to be more respectful to the environment and respectful of their employees :
 Raw materials (plans for the day when mining would be done, seeking to prevent “ghost towns”)
 Products manufacture (employment for aboriginal people, training programs, less gas emission and energy use.

Better Place : they widespread their electric’s car to different market.
 Use (electric : no carbon emission during the utilization of the car)

Wal-Mart : they established goals of being 100% fueled by renewable energy, producing zero waste and selling products that sustain the environment.
Thus, they are acted on all of the life-cycle :
 Design and transportation: By developed a new detergent’s design (smaller package), they improve the efficiency of the distribution (more product by way of transport) and they saved 80 million pounds of plastic resin.
 Raw material and manufacturing ( they put criteria down into the supply chain to improve their energy consumption)
 Use: they encourage product which consume less energy
 End of life: goal of producing 0 waste.

Hope you will better understand the sustainable' strategies the companies used. Let us know, if you want more details.

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Re: For a better understanding : what are sustainable strategies ?

Post by Ian Chen on Mon Mar 22, 2010 9:41 pm

THX for more detail !!!!
Ian Chen

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